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Flight Attendant

Steps to becoming a flight attendant


Let’s face it. If you have never worked in the airline industry, you may not know where to start. My goal is to help you understand the job of a flight attendant, while guiding you through the application process. 

becoming a flight attendant starter pack


Airport Codes

Most airlines do not require you to know the airport codes, but once you are on the line, it sure helps!

As a former speech teacher, I created this YouTube video to help ace the video interview. 

My resume workshop has helped dozens of aspiring flight attendants pass the initial application process. 

*Coming soon*

My Reviews

Anna did a fabulous job explaining the layout and details necessary for crafting a resume in the airline industry. I have fifteen years of teaching experience and looking to change careers. She did a great job helping me communicate how my current skills could transfer over to a new career. I’m happy to report that I landed an interview yesterday with a major carrier thanks to her help!

Tina M.


Your resume class helped me so much with everything I needed. Your step-by-step sessions helped me prepare all my information that I had that would be eye-catching on my resume to become a Flight Attendant. When I applied for a certain Airline I was selected right away!

Brittaney G.


I hadn’t written a resume in a very long time. Anna’s 5 Hour Resume Workshop was just what I needed! It helped me know what was important to put in a flight attendant resume and how to organize it. I loved how easy it was to follow the 5-step format. Anna is kind, helpful, and quick to respond. I am so happy I found her! 

Elizabeth F.


My name is Jenna! And my dream job for as long as I can remember has to become a flight attendant. I remember walking across the stage on graduation day and when the principal was telling the crowd what each graduate was planning to be…he said flight attendant for me. I’m finally going to make it happen for myself and I’m so grateful I came across Anna’s tiktok where I found her VERY helpful 5day resume website! Thank you Anna!!



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About Anna

Hi, I’m Anna! My journey has been nothing short of an adventure. I started my career as a middle school teacher, teaching English, drama, and public speaking. When my husband joined the military, I transitioned to the travel industry, starting at a legacy airline’s customer service position and eventually achieved my dream of becoming a flight attendant. I spent several years in this role, but after 9/11 and with my husband’s frequent deployments, I focused on being home with my kids.

During the next 15+ years, I delved into web design, volunteered extensively, and earned a master’s degree. However, the sky kept calling. In 2017, I re-entered the aviation world, determined to fly again. I joined a legacy airline as a flight attendant and have been soaring the skies for the past 6 years.

The start of my journey took an unexpected turn right before flight attendant training when I was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, I’m now cancer-free and more passionate than ever about helping others. Using my teaching background, I’ve created YouTube videos and a Resume Workshop to assist aspiring flight attendants. I believe that life is a journey that’s best shared by helping others, and I’m here to help you earn your wings and navigate your own path in the sky!

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