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You can spend hours researching how to create the best resume or save time and use my easy 5-Day HOUR workshop. I walk you through the steps to creating your professional resume in 5 main emails sent each hour after purchase.

5- Day Hour Resume

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Anna did a fabulous job explaining the layout and details necessary for crafting a resume in the airline industry. I have fifteen years of teaching experience and looking to change careers. She did a great job helping me communicate how my current skills could transfer over to a new career. I’m happy to report that I landed an interview yesterday with a major carrier thanks to her help!

Tina M.

Offered CJO

Your resume class helped me so much with everything I needed. Your step-by-step sessions helped me prepare all my information that I had that would be eye-catching on my resume to become a Flight Attendant. When I applied for a certain Airline I was selected right away!

Brittaney G.

Offered CJO

Who is The Inflight Life Gal?

I’m Anna. My career began as a teacher. I taught middle school English, drama, and public speaking. Where I fell into the monotony of the 9-5 job. I had enough. I wanted to work at a place where I could serve people, but not be stuck in one place.  I applied to a major airline and started working in customer service: counter, baggage claim, gate agent- I did it all! My dream was to become a flight attendant, but my motion sickness was an obstacle. When I eventually figured out how to handle that aspect, I moved to the inflight life. I loved it! Every day was completely different. I spent 5 years with that airline. After 9/11, I had to make a difficult decision to put away my wings and be home with my kids.

For the last 15+ years. I created a small web design company, volunteered at my church and at my kids’ schools, and earned my master’s degree. The skies were calling again. I spent 2017 learning how the airline application process worked. I updated my resume and applied to all the legacy carriers. After passing the initial application and assessments, I moved onto the video interviews which resulted in face-to-face interviews. My dream airline offered me a position and I start training in 2018.

However, my dream was interrupted by a cancer diagnosis and I had to defer my initial training to kick cancer’s ass! Two months after my major surgery, I was cleared to attend training. I graduated on June 1, 2018, with my new set of wings!

My goal is to help aspiring flight attendants earn their wings. Life is too short to stay on the ground. As a former speech teacher, I created several YouTube videos on video interviews. I also spill all my secrets on creating a resume that passes airline scanners with the 5-Day Resume Workshop.

Life is a journey no matter where it takes you, but I find that during my travels, helping others feeds my soul. 

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