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There are several flight attendant groups on Facebook and I LOVE following them and hearing about other people’s success. It’s sad when I see those that really, really want to become a flight attendant miss out on their dreams. Unfortunately, we don’t know why we don’t get certain jobs, but we can always keep trying to improve.

For newer aspiring applicants, one missed step can result in a “thanks but no thanks” (TBNT) email in their inboxes. One of the issues I have seen repeatedly is not being able to pass the very first step in the application process. Either the applicant fills out the application incorrectly by either answering a basic question incorrectly or their resume does not pass the airline scanners.

After seeing several very upset posts, I decided to share my resume-creating knowledge with a FREE workshop. I’ve been waiting for certain airlines to open and/or reply to my application and really I need a distraction to hold me over until I hear anything back.

With that….I’d like to introduce you to the 5-Day Resume Workshop.

Starting on Monday, August 28, 2017, I am walking people through a basic resume setup. I am going to show how I set up my resume using keywords and formatting that got me past the initial application step and onto the assessment and/or video interviews (VI).

You can follow along on my Facebook page The Inflight Life. If you get on the list, you will receive instructional emails that will prepare you for the videos later in the day. I’ve set up a closed FB group where I will go live to answer questions.

I’m so excited! Helping people is my favorite and if you need the help, jump on in. Hope to see you there!

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