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Here is how I spend my New Year’s Eve day.

Morning Rush and a Lucky Break

Started my day super early, driving to the airport while most people were probably still in bed. Got there early (yay me!) and managed to grab a quick bite. I was totally eyeing the shuttle van the whole time, thinking it would leave without me. But guess what? It was still there after I finished! Talk about good timing!

Pre-Flight Buzz

After my walk to my gate, I boarded my plane and started to set up the galley. It’s important making sure everything’s ready for boarding. Going to Vegas there is excitement from the passengers, and I’m there helping them get settled, prepping for takeoff. It’s busy but in a good, keeps-you-on-your-toes kind of way.

Vegas Bound

The flight to Vegas? Always a hectic. Between serving drinks and more drinks-it’s Vegas after all- I snuck a peek at the Grand Canyon. It looked incredible from up high! Moments like that? They’re just one of the perks of the job.

Quick Stop and Turnaround

We touched down in Vegas early (score!), and I grabbed a quick coffee for the return trip. The flight back was less packed, which was nice and most people are exhausted from their trip so there are a lot of sleepers.

A Little Turbulence

But then, out of nowhere, turbulence hit us. It got bumpy, and we had to sit down for what felt like ages. Unfortunately that means our beverage service was interrupted-twice- but it’s better to be safe and sit.  Also, when people see us sit, they definitely stay seated themselves.

Back Home Before the Ball Dropped

Landed back before the clock struck twelve, but the adventure wasn’t over yet. Driving home through the wild New Year’s Eve traffic was like navigating an obstacle course! I almost got clipped 3 times! When I finally made it, I showered and got in my cozy PJs just in time to watch the ball drop on TV. 

If you are thinking about becoming a flight attendant and joining this crazy career? Stick around, and I’ll share more of these everyday adventures! I share a lot of my adventures and tips on TikTok!


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