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Who is The Inflight Life Gal?

I’m Anna. My career began as a teacher. I taught middle school English, drama, and public speaking. Once my husband joined the military, I left my teaching career and started working in the travel industry. First, I thought I wanted to be a travel agent, but really I wanted to work at the airport. I applied to a major airline and started working in customer service: counter, baggage claim, gate agent- I did it all! My dream was to become a flight attendant, but my motion sickness was an obstacle. When I eventually figured out how to handle that aspect, I moved to inflight. I loved it!  I spent 5 years with that airline. Once 9/11 happened, I was furloughed and my military husband was getting deployed frequently. I had to make a difficult decision to put away my wings and be home with my kids.

For the last 15+ years. I created a small web design company, volunteered at my church and my kids’ schools, and earned my master’s degree. With kids growing up, the skies were calling again, I spent 2017 learning how the airline application process worked. I updated my resume and applied to all the legacy carriers. After passing the initial application and assessments, I moved onto the video interviews which resulted in face-to-face interviews. My dream airline offered me a position and I am set to start training in 2018.

However, my journey has been interrupted by a cancer diagnosis that has diverted my journey to focus on my health and put my dream on hold.

In the meantime, I love to teach and want to help other aspiring flight attendants earn their wings. Being a former speech teacher, I created several helpful videos on Youtube.  For those with resume issues, I have spilled all my secrets on creating a resume that passes airline scanners with the 5-Day Resume Workshop.

Life is a journey no matter where it takes you, but I find that during my travels, helping others feeds my soul. 

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