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Have you ever seen a Black Friday ad and it had the one thing on your kid’s Christmas list for dirt cheap?

As a parent, you would do whatever it took to get your hands on that item. If that means queuing up 12 hours before the particular store opened, you’d do it.

Waiting for a major airline to open their flight attendant applications feels the exact same way.

You know it’s happening, you prepare your resume and cover letter and then you wait for the position to open. It starts by sitting in front of your computer at midnight refreshing the screen so you can be one of the first ones to submit your information. Hours go by, your eyes become bloodshot, your bed looks inviting, but nothing shows up. You know that there are thousands like you waiting for the company to click the button that opens the window, but no one knows the exact time of that window.

You grab a nap, get some food, make some coffee. Then in the late afternoon when you finally decide to put your mind to work elsewhere, you think, “I’ll just check one more time.” Suddenly, you see the position sitting there before your astonished eyes.


You make a quick check on the flight attendant boards you follow and no one has mentioned it, yet. That means it must have just happened and in a flash, you are filling out all the requirements, uploading your resume and praying that this time…THIS TIME will be the golden ticket.

As you finish up, with tears in your eyes and hope in your heart, you get a dreaded 404 page after hitting submit.


The Black Friday crowd is swarming it going for the exact. same. thing. How many others pushed the submit button at the exact same moment as you did to cause a system overload and a 404 error? Only a few hundred of your future airline besties.

You check your profile. All seems well. You don’t know for sure since you got kicked out unexpectedly and there is no way to return to the screen. You double check your email, close down your computer, and pray that everything went through okay.

It’s now up to the airline to notice your greatness and you hope that they will want to make you a part of their team. The wait begins and the praying continues…

Good luck, future flight attendants. The skies are waiting for you.

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