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1. Use a Basic Template

One of the most important things in a flight attendant’s resume is to make sure it is easily read by a computer program. That means avoiding adding out any boxes, pictures, or flourish of any type. Basic is best

2. Include “Summary” on Your Resumeflight attendant resume

The summary is your elevator pitch. It lists the qualifications that make you stand out from everyone else. This is an excellent way to include some keywords from the flight attendant job description and make yourself seem like a great candidate for the job.

3. Use Keywords From the Flight Attendant Job Description

When you are writing your flight attendant resume, make sure to use keywords that are found in the flight attendant job description. Since most big companies use ai (artificial intelligence) technology, the computer will be searching for keywords that match the job description.

4. Include Key Skills and Competencies

Key skills and competencies are the brief bullet points of your skills in the industry. Try your best to translate past career experience to the aviation industry.

5. Customize Your Resume For Each Flight Attendant Job

When you are applying for flight attendant jobs, it is always a great idea to highlight your experience and qualifications that match up with the flight attendant job description and increase your chances of landing an interview!

6. List Special Skills in Your Resume

Do you know how to speak French? List it. Are you CPR certified. Add it. Do you have a medical or military background? Be sure to include it! If you have something that other people do not have, you will stand out.

7. Don’t Make Your Flight Attendant Resume Too Long

When writing your flight attendant resume, the biggest mistake that you can make is to have your flight attendant resume be too long. Make sure that it is easy to read and that all of the important details are included in each section. One page should be the max.

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