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little girl taking pictureWhen I was growing up, I always imagined that my life was a movie and I was constantly being filmed. I was the star in my own world. Funny how I thought this when computers were not available to the masses, cell phones did not exist, and my parents didn’t even own a video recorder! Yet, I pretended that the world was watching me.

Interesting that social media is not too far off from my imaginary idea of being watched! With the digital age, you don’t know who is capturing you. Many teens and early to mid-twenty-year-olds are voluntarily capturing their own life and posting it online for the world to see.

That’s okay unless you are posting less-than-ideal thoughts and images.

social media checkLet me explain. Companies, colleges, and coaches have started scouring social media profiles to discover information about people. All of these industries have a brand and an image to protect so they will turn over every digital media stone before making offers to anyone. I have heard of athletes being offered scholarships only for them to be rescinded due to something they posted on social media after the fact.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few articles of rescinded offers and lost jobs:

People are watching. If they feel what you are doing or have done is offensive, it will be reported. It is not hard to do. Personally, I LOVE to research and since I’m a tech person, it is VERY easy for me to find out info on people.

Facebook and Facebook Groups

Probably the easiest way to research about someone is on Facebook. If someone has your email address they can quickly search for you. If they can’t find you, they may start looking for names and locations. Once they find you, if your profile is not properly secured, it is easy to get an idea of your personality (or the image you portray). It’s a character evaluation by your actions.

Facebook groups are the easiest way to observe a person. I am in several flight attendant groups and current flight attendants will warn that recruiters are in the group, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. One person was even insistent on saying their FB profile was not the reason they weren’t getting jobs because they used an alias email for an application. However, a quick click on that person’s profile within the group and I could easily see why s/he is not getting job offers. Negative political comments, inappropriate memes and suggestive photos were all visible. If I could see them, then any recruiter in that group can see them (alias email or not).

My recommendation?

  1. Go to your privacy settings and make your profile private. Once you do this, the only thing that can be viewed by someone who is not on your friend’s list is your profile pictures and any written info that you choose to make public.
  2. Review all your social media accounts and scrub any post that may be inappropriate.
  3. After you’ve done that, watch how and what you post in groups. Negativity is a big no, no. Be positive, uplifting and helpful.
  4. Be careful about company communication online. Stay away from posting emails and questions you received for interviews. Everything is proprietary for a company. If you reveal it when you are not employed, what will you reveal once you are employed?


I am not a big Twitter fan, but again, it is an easy social media account to discover. People love to have followers, so it’s easy to find a post on one of the social media accounts that point to another social media account.

Everything I have mentioned for Facebook is the same for Twitter. Review your account and make sure you have not posted anything offensive within your account. If you have too many tweets, make your account private. It will hide your tweets, but anything you directed to someone may not be hidden. If there is a lot of negative items, your best bet is to delete tweets or close your account.


I’m going to sound like a broken record….delete images/memes, make your profile private. Be aware that hashtags and photos you are tagged in will still appear in Instagram. Stay away from images where you are inappropriately dressed, partying, or making inappropriate gestures.

I won’t go through each social media channel. I’m sure there are tons out there that I don’t know about.

“But I should be able to post what I want!”

I hear this a LOT! Sure, you can post whatever you want, but don’t expect a company to make you a part of their team. All companies have brands, policies, and procedures that they follow. If you are not willing to become a brand and follow their image, stop applying for the job.

Being a flight attendant means customer service. Customer service means being able to adjust yourself to meet the needs of someone else.

Are you willing to put aside your needs and meet the needs of others?

If so, then your social popularity to the public can be let go as you pursue your dream job as a flight attendant. Those that are willing to adjust themselves to the image of the airlines are the ones that will succeed.

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